Thursday, May 21, 2015

Accessorize: Turquoise Earrings


Does anyone remember when Eva Mendes showed up at the Golden Globes, with her amazing tan skin, gleaming white gown, and bold turquoise jewelry? It was stunning and changed how I felt about turquoise. Up until that point, turquoise only resonated as a southwest esthetic. One that I like very much on other women, but is very much not my style.

The look was chic, elegant and made me wonder how I could take that look and make it more applicable to my daily life. Much like her elegant look, I like to keep it simple and classic. A long cotton maxi, or a simple, updated tank or tee with a skirt or ankle jean paired with wedges is all you need to add an elevated piece of jewelry.

That elevated jewelry could be anything you like. I found, for some reason when it comes to turquoise, I like an earring, especially in the summer time.

Depending on your style and the proportion you prefer there are tons of options.  I could have listed hundreds of styles.  Take a peek at these lovely options that are easy to incorporate into a casual weekend look.

 Kendra Scott Penny Magnesite Drop EarringsKendra Scott Penny Magnesite Drop Earrings, $60

Lauren Ralph Lauren Linear Triangle EarringsLauren Ralph Lauren Linear Triangle Earrings, $38

Nimb Designs Turquoise EarringsNimb Designs Turquoise Earrings, $55

Chico's Keena Cluster EarringsChico’s Keena Cluster Earrings, $25

 Target Fish Hook EarringTarget Fish Hook Earring, $30

Anthropologie Octagon StudsAnthropologie Octagon Studs, $88

Kenneth Jay Lane Double Teardrop EarringsKenneth Jay Lane Double Teardrop Earrings, $42

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wear to Work: Inspired Work Dress


Lafayette 148 New York Short-Sleeve Side-Ruched DressLafayette 148 Short Sleeved Side Ruched Dress, $428.00, $214.00

Words cannot describe how much I love this dress. A full short sleeve, modest neckline and side ruching, make my heart skip a beat. It’s appropriate no matter what your dress code. Pair with a peep toe pump, in a nude to your skin tone color. Lafayette 148 makes beautiful, high-quality pieces perfect for work. This dress being on sale makes it even better.

Inspired by this look, we found a few other similar or close to similar options, at various price points and sizes.

Diane von Furstenberg Bevina Short-Sleeve Fitted DressDiane von Furstenberg Bevina Short-Sleeve Fitted Dress, $348

Adrianna Papell Short Sleeve Floral SheathAdrianna Papell Short Sleeve Floral Sheath, $255

Lafayette 148 New York Jersey Print DressLafayette 148 New York Jersey Print Dress, $250

Veronica M Short Sleeve DressVeronica M Short Sleeve Dress, $100


Mynt 1792 Studded Structured Ponte Sheath Dress Mynt 1792 Studded Structured Ponte Sheath Dress, $228


Ann Taylor Petite Seamed Flare DressAnn Taylor Petite Seamed Flare Dress, $139


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Q&A Tuesday


As we get used to the crazy and complicated world of blogging, know that we are constantly figuring things out along the way. In that spirit, we are flipping around some of our weekly series. Q&A will move to Tuesday and Thursday will rotate between Beauty Buzz and Accessorize.

Please keep your questions coming! They truly fuel the blog and keep it fresh and timely.

“What are strategic pieces for a stay at homes mom? To keep herself pulled together but practical and able to keep up with toddlers?” - Samantha

First, let’s talk about retailers I love for this question: LOFT, J Crew Outlet, Old Navy and Target are all you need. Look for pieces that are cute, but washable, with enough stretch to keep their shape and allows you to move.

Dresses, especially in the warmer months are a must have. When my girls were little, I reserved these for days out, like at museums or parks. This simple chambray dress would be adorable with flat sandals.  This tunic feels special, but is a easy as shorts and a tee.  You would think a maxi dress would be too much, but its simple design and stretch is ideal for long days out with the kiddos.

If you like dresses for day to day wear, this old navy jersey dress is basic, chic and $15.  I also love the look of this waist defining striped dress.  

Jeans, of course, are a go-to.  I would still recommend wearing your better denim.  The ones that fit you best.  A great fitting pair of jeans just make you feel better.  I use to reserve my slightly worn out designer jeans for kid days.  This way my jeans fit great, but I wasn’t devastated if play dough or a juice box ended up on them – it will still wash out.

With the summer practically here, you may want to wear shorts.  The trick with shorts is you want them long enough to be comfortable, but short enough to keep your leg looking long and lean.  You could do something bright and cheerful, or perfectly tailored.

Old Navy makes a fantastic 5″ short for under $20.  When it doubt, go with 5″ length shorts.  You can sit, but they are still short enough to look modern.  Any longer and you’ll look frumpy.

For tops, keep it simple. I like a 3/4 sleeve top with shorts. The balance of a longer sleeve with a short is chic.

Take a few minutes when you get dressed to put on an accessory you love. Maybe not a necklace, since the little ones are likely to yank it off your neck. A simple scarf around your neck before you leave the house, or a stack of bracelets will help you get that pulled together look.

Finally, learning a quick, 5-minute face is worth its weight in gold. You’ll feel like yourself no matter what you end up wearing.

“I’m having trouble with wear to work pants. Every pair that I buy/own/wear lately seem to be completely stretched out by the end of the work day! I buy my pants from a variety of retailers, J Crew, Loft, Nordstrom etc – all seem to have the same problem! Any suggestions of some pants that will hold up throughout the day? I’d love some ankle/crop length suggestions for spring/summer. Love your blog!”- Anika

You’re buying your pants from good retailers.  Without seeing you in person, I wonder if you are between sizes.  If your pants fit snug when you first buy them, you may consider sizing up, and having them altered to fit your body so they skim your shape but not cling to you.

Alternatively, look for pants with less of a stretch content.  You may want to try a seasonless wool or microfiber blend.  They have less stretch by nature and the pant should keep its shape better.

“I absolutely love Kristel Closets emails! I look forward to them more than any other!  My question is where can I find wide with shoes – both heels and flats –  that are attractive and stylish?  It’s so difficult! Appreciate your suggestions!” - Lori

It’s such a challenge! So many of them look like orthotics. In our experience the very best comfortable and stylish wide width shoe is Stuart Weitzman. Buy them on Zappos so you can order as many as you like, you’ll see a great variety of heels and flats and then it’s easy to return them.

“When I was living in Montana, I bought a gorgeous pair of Old Gringo cowboy boots that were not inexpensive. I love them, (beautiful brown leather with gold stitching and a few gold-ish rhinestones). Now that I am living back on the East Coast though, I feel like I am wearing a costume when I wear them. Do they need to be committed to my fond memories of living in the Wild West or can I actually wear them -here in Philadelphia- on days other than Halloween?” - Colleen

I love them! Part of finding your own personal, authentic style is to incorporate things you love into your look. I would reserve them for cool fall or spring days. Whatever you choose to pair them with, keep it simple. The less embellishments the more east coast friendly :) A girlfriend of mine wears hers with a simple shirt dress. It looks amazing. Or try a full knee length skirt and fitted top.

“Thanks for the great suggestions. I travel a lot for work. When I travel on Sundays I want a comfortable, yet polished look. Grateful for recommendations!” -M

There is nothing I like less than traveling on a Sunday.  When dark jeans and a fitted top feel boring and redundant, look for pieces from Eileen Fisher.  Her pieces are simple, classic and most of them are washable.  You’ll feel like you are in your pajamas or favorite loungewear, but will look chic enough for that dreaded moment when you run into a client in line at security.

These navy washable crepe pants are lovely paired with a simple white button down or sweater, or these ponte pants are the perfect base to any travel outfit, especially for longer flights.  She makes a beautiful, simple long sleeve that you could easily add a scarf or necklace on top.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Chic of the Week: Black Jump Suit


Over the course of our very busy weekend, we headed to the Phillies game on Saturday for a casual and fun night out with friends and our kids. My youngest (who is five years old) was wearing a denim jumper with white trim. Admittedly, she looks adorable in her little jumpers. I’m savoring every minute I have left with her where she still, kind of sorta looks more like a toddler than her very grown up 8-year-old sister.

My girlfriend turned to me at one point in the evening and said, “I wish we could wear jumpers.” Her lighthearted question got me thinking, one step dressing is such a treat. Dresses, of course, are easy peasy, especially in the warmer months, but what about jumpers? Or, the adult version, jumpsuits?

I can’t (yet) get into the casual jumpsuits I’m seeing. So many look like pajamas or are generally unflattering. Black jumpsuits, however, can be chic and sophisticated. Don’t get me wrong, some are bad, really, really bad.  But others, with the right fit are down right divine. While our life at home is so casual it hurts, there can be an occasion for a relaxed, yet dressed up look that can go from day to night.

Below are some of our favorite looks:

Reiss Brooke WRAP-DETAIL JUMPSUITBrooke Black Wrap Detail Jumpsuit, $370

This jumpsuit is everything.  I’d wear it out for dinner with friends or a slightly more dressed up date with the hubby.

Black Halo Eve Jackie Asymmetric Wide-Leg JumpsuitBlack Halo Jackie Asymmetric Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, $390

Everything Black Halo does is gorgeous.  Because this has wide legs, it lends itself to dressier occasions.  I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this to a cocktail event with dressed up heels and a clutch.  I also love this option with a longer sleeve.  

NY Collection Sleeveless Wide-Leg JumpsuitNY Collection Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $42

This wide leg option could be dressed up or down at a can’t be beat price.  Do not, however,  wear sky high heels with this as per the picture, especially if the pants do not fully cover them.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Sleeveless Wide-Leg JumpsuitLauren Ralph Lauren Sleeveless Jumpsuit, $144

This jumpsuit is slimming and classic.  I love the modest neckline and tie detail at the waist.  Be sure the length puddles at the top of your shoe to keep the proportions balanced.


Halogen V-Neck Sleeveless JumpsuitHalogen V-Neck Sleeveless Jumpsuit, $78

A perfect cut for petite,  pair this with a simple black wedge to maintain the line of your leg and add some personality with a fun bag.


Lauren Ralph Lauren Plus Size Sleeveless JumpsuitSejour Wide Leg V-Neck Jumpsuit,  $99

Sejour is a private lable brand at Nordstrom, and a go-to for us when we dress women, sized clients.  So often, “plus” size does not maintain the same integrity of shape as “missy” cuts do – which is infuriating.  Regardless of your size, you have a shape, and dressing your best is dependant on accentuating that shape.  This jumpsuit does that, allows you to dress your size while maintaining your shape.

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Friday, May 15, 2015



Megan's Favs - May 15th1. Women’s Zip-Pocket Stretch Khakis, $27; 2. Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, $46; 3. Reiss Rum Ruffle-detail Dress, $340


Women’s Zip-Pocket Stretch Khakis, $27

I love jeans, but they can feel redundant and boring when you wear them all the time.  I was so happy to find these easy grey pants at Old Navy (online only).  They are perfect weekend wear that you can move in, get dirty with the kids or pair with a pretty printed top for a casual evening out.

Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, $46

After my delight with Tom Ford’s lipstick I thought I would give his gloss a try after my friend raved about it.  When you first apply it, it feels a little sticky, but that quickly disappears to a moisture rich, long lasting bit of color that is just right for the warmer weather.

Reiss Rum Ruffle-detail Dress, $340

I have a few summer cocktail parties to attend, and this dress may be the perfect option.  I love the drape of the top, and the color is divine.  Because the neck is bare, it’s refreshing to see the skirt length hit the knee.  For accessories, I would skip a necklace and stack a few gold bracelets on my left arm and add a dangling earring.  I’ll finish it off with an oversized gold envelope clutch and my go-to sparkle Jimmy Choo’s that I picked up a year ago and wear to just about every formal event I attend.

Christine's Favs - May 15th1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, $7 2. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (2 Fl Oz), $5; 3. Dagne Dover The Tote, $265


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, $7

While editing a new client’s closet last weekend, she shared this book that she recently finished and the immediate impactful it had on her life. Needless to say, looking at her home and into her dresser drawers, I was instantly sold on. I could not wait to download it for my flight this week. The messages delivered throughout the book competently guide the reader on how to acquire the right mindset for creating order and becoming a tidy person.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (2 Fl Oz), $5

The days of air drying your hair are (almost) here, and you’ll likely use a product to create your desired look after your hair is dry.  A beachy, wind-blown hair style is coveted by many of our clients on the east and west coast that appreciate the texture salt water can add to your hair.  When you are not in and out of the waves all day but want to recreate this look, a spray with sea salt, like this one from Not Your Mother’s does just that. Use it on wet hair to air-dry and use on dry hair to make more pliable and add volume. NYM’s does not become sticky or stiff.  Your hair is textured and manageable with no residue, and you can layer on a few more spritzes if needed throughout the day or evening.  The full 8 oz size has a large sprayer that I would only recommend if you have a thick or long hair.  Buy the 2 oz size for the smaller spray if your hair is short or thin so that you have better control how much you are using.

Dagne Dover The Tote, $265

Our love of Lo & Sons for professional work bags is no secret.  I recommended the Brookline to a client last week, and while she loves it, the Navy color is temporarily out of stock.  She did some research of her own and found this tote by Dagne Dover.  I am pretty impressed in what it has to offer.  With the thoughtfulness of the Brookline interior, and all the compartments that you never knew you needed.  The coated canvas exterior is sleek and modern, and the trim is in leather.  I am concerned the rope design of the handles could dig into your shoulders if the contents are too heavy.  Other than that, I find this bag a comparable, beautiful, and functional alternative to the Brookline and the color Dagne Blue is pretty fantastic for spring and summer too.

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