Monday, October 5, 2015

Social Media and Your Job Search

In a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 77% of respondents reported that they used social media to check out potential applicants. With the majority of HR professionals accepting social media profiles, photos and posts as a way to evaluate a potential employee, applicants can’t overlook the possibilities – or the pitfalls of social media on the job search.

LinkedIn vs Job Boards

As employers become more social media savvy, LinkedIn has become more of a professional networking site; a recent report by Social Media Today reveals that about ¾ of all employers post jobs or look for new employees on the site. While job boards like are still relevant, LinkedIn may offer more targeted opportunities. LinkedIn also has a useful feature that allows you to see who has viewed your profile; this comes in handy if you’ve recently applied for a position or are actively interviewing.

Unofficial Background Check

A quick perusal of your social media feeds, profiles and posts could serve as an unofficial background check or social proof of your identity and personal brand. Unless your Twitter feed is set to private, a prospective employer can view all of your past Tweets, photos and your current profile.

If you are working hard to build your image as a professional all week, then posting half naked selfies on Twitter or Instagram on the weekend, you may end up damaging your career opportunities in a big way. Set your accounts to private, or post very selectively if you are concerned about the impact your social media posting will have on your hireability.

Searchable in a Variety of Ways

Your private accounts may not be as private as you think. Site terms are updated all the time, and if you miss an update, you could be exposing your personal life to anyone who wants to take a look, including potential employers.

Facebook recently offered users a way to search for friends using a mobile number. You may have even been prompted to enter your number or confirm it on Facebook; as of fall 2015, anyone with your phone number can actually view your Facebook profile, even if you have not accepted a friend request. You can get around this by modifying your privacy settings, but the key takeaway is that your profiles and posts on any site are not as protected or private as you thought.

Social Media Posts Stay Forever

If you are actively looking for a new position or want to make sure your personal brand is the best it can be, it may be worth going post diving to make sure even your older entries are presenting the image you want. Your posts don’t just disappear; they simply move further down on your timeline and are still searchable.

It is worth reviewing your older posts to make sure they represent the image you want to project when you are actively looking for work or hoping to be considered for a new position.  You may not even remember making a post or adding an image that an employer might see as inappropriate or troubling, but it will still show up on your page for anyone willing to look.


Your social medial profiles and posts can work for you or against you. Used the right way, your social media network can help you make connections and build your brand; used poorly and your posts and profiles could cost you a great opportunity.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Well-Dressed Woman Workshop

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Accessorize: St. John Collection Signature Faux Pearl Necklace



St. John Collection Signature Faux Pearl NecklaceSt. John Collection Signature Faux Pearl Necklace, $195

I have been looking for a double strand of long pearls to add to my jewelry collection for some time now. When I say that, I don’t mean that I’ve spent countless hours searching high and low. It’s more like when I’m getting dressed I think, “you know what would be great with this?” and then I continue my over-scheduled day. When I stumbled upon this St. John Collection Signature Faux Pearl Necklace, I was delighted.

I like the idea of the long, double strand of pearls for a few reasons. First, it gives you visual length and keeps the line of your outfit fluid. Second, it provides movement, which can balance out a look that leans more conservative while maintaining the looks integrity. Finally, I love the contrast of conservative pearls with jeans and a blazer – one of the ways I would wear these.

I would have never considered looking at St. John Collection for costume jewelry, but it makes sense. This strand of pearls feel substantial and sturdy, and the ivory color looks realistic. Under $200 for a piece of costume jewelry that will last for years to come would be a great buy given your price per wear.

If you tend to wear high neckline styles, like turtlenecks or boat necks, the line of the necklace will balance them perfectly. It would also sit beautifully on a silk blouse for an added touch of dimension. Finally, you could layer this on a simple white tee and throw on a blazer for an elegant weekend look.

Looking for something less expensive?  Off Fifth has a double strand for $20.  I have purchased a few piece of costume jewelry from Off Fifth.  The quality is what you would expect for the price point; however, it’s a great way to try a look you never before considered.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wear to Work: Chico’s for Fall

WeartoWorkYour eyes are not playing tricks on you.  This is actually a post about Chico’s and no one is paying me to write this. Chico’s has never been my style cup of tea.  So I was shocked when one of my favorite blogs, Habitually Chic by Heather Clawson, started posting pictures of outfits featuring Chico’s pieces mixed with coveted designers. Granted, they are sponsored posts, but I find Heather to have high integrity with her brand associations. Enough so that it gave me pause to check out Chico’s for Fall.

The store and website do not help matters with their terrible styling. Some of the outfits are overdone to the point that it is hard to see the individual pieces. There are still a lot of pieces that are frumpy.  But, that’s why we’re here.  Our job is to curate pieces from as many resources as possible.  We have such a diverse group of clients and readers, it’s important to talk to everyone.  I’m going to go out on a crazy and unexpected limb to say, I LIKE SOME OF THE ITEMS. Many pieces are current, modern and affordable. Here are some of our favorites that you can easily wear this time of year to most offices:

Chico's Hailey Blocked Animal-Print DressHailey Blocked Animal-Print Dress, $139

A simple dress (that’s not skin tight) to get you to work when days can go from warm to cold in a matter of hours.  Add a black cardigan to cover your arms if necessary.

Chico's Travelers Classic Petite Rosemary Wrap DressTravelers Rosemary Wrap Dress, $99

I like having a stretch dress to throw on when my over indulgence on the weekend shows up in my mid section Monday morning.

Chico's Side-Slit Black SkirtSide-Slit Black Skirt, $99

Skirt length is an issue for many of our clients.  When you need some extra length, yet still want to look modern, this side-slit skirt may be just the ticket.  I particularly like the faux leather trim and asymmetrical slit.

Chico's Camilla Lace Contrast TopCamilla Lace Contrast Top, $69

This is a lovely knit top to wear on business casual days with a slim pair of black pants.

Chico's Darcy TurtleneckDarcy Turtleneck, $39

I’m such a turtleneck girl.  I keep it to black and cream with a dark pair of jeans and some ankle boots.  Easy-peasy.

Chico's Lenka Blocked TopLenka Blocked Top, $69

For those of us in creative offices, a little leather (or faux leather in this case) can be fun and unexpected.  Why they would pair a faux leather peplum top with a pair of khakis is beyond me.  Instead, keep this elegant with a pair of tailored black pants or a black pencil skirt.


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Monday, September 21, 2015

What to Look for in a Mentor

Your career path is likely not a straight and narrow roadway that will lead you directly to where you think you want to go. Rather, it is going to be a winding trail filled with unexpected bumps, turns and surprises along the way. Some moments will be wonderful and you will feel accomplished and strong. Others will feel downright devastating — you might feel disappointed in yourself or in the people around you. Regardless of what industry you are in or where you want to end up, it might help you to have someone on hand to encourage you, support you and provide you with the constructive criticism you need in order to improve your own personal brand. This is why it is so beneficial to work with a career coach or professional mentor.

A career coach will provide you with an objective perspective. Yes, you can go to your family members and close friends to ask for advice and to vent about your professional problems. But they love you and care about you and ultimately they want you to feel good, so they may tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. That’s not to say that a professional mentor will be harsh and inconsiderate of your feelings, but they can provide you with the objectivity you need when creating a strategic plan for your career.

So if you have decided that hiring a career coach is the next best move for your own professional path, then it’s important to know what to look for in a professional mentor. Here’s some things you should look for:


A Connection

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your career coach, whether during in-person appointments, on conference calls or chatting over text and e-mail. You need to find a coach who you connect with on both a personal and professional level. You should feel comfortable talking with them, and ultimately come to consider them a friend and confidante. Most professionals who hire a career coach need to be able to respect the person they are working with, and this typically comes from hiring someone who shares their intellect yet possesses the capability of challenging them to rise to the occasion.



It’s easy to tell people what they think they need to hear and provide them with advice on any given situation, but if that person lacks experience their advice will not be as valuable. You want to hire a career coach who has gone through a similar situation or challenge. Perhaps you are looking to change careers or you want to start in a new industry. Search for a professional mentor who has gone through those same circumstances, because they can provide you with sound advice and guidance. You will feel comfortable and confident knowing that they have experienced the same situation, and they were able to enjoy success after the fact. In addition, you also might want to find a career coach that focuses on your specific industry, as this will help them give you knowledgeable yet objective advice.



In addition to having a life experience, you need to find a career coach who is trained to mentor professionals and help them develop strategic plans. There are coaching certification programs available, and it’s ideal to work with a career coach who has completed one or more of these courses. When interviewing different coaches, ask them how many clients they have worked with and how many one-on-one hours they have completed. This will provide you with the insight you need in order to choose the most qualified mentor.

Hiring the right career coach could be the best investment that you make in your career. The right mentor will help you discover not only where you want to be, but where you need to be.

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